Brintech Customs

Customised automotive conversions and R&D dedicated to extreme performance and automotive engineering.

Brintech Customs is known to many car enthusiasts both in the automotive industry and the high performance automotive arenas. We have strived to build a facility where a customer can have their dream vehicle combination turned into a reality, which comes with the reputation of perfection and finesse.

The foundation of our facility’s success is the shared enthusiasm to build vehicles that are not only unique and impressive, but still possess full functionality and a factory feel to them.  We then follow on to engineer all of our vehicles for complete legal road use.

Some examples of our recent work appeal to a range of our customers, which shows our versatility and ability to deliver developments that continue to impress. 

These include:

BMW E90 LSx V8 - engineered and bmw fully functional electronics.
BMW E46 Compact 330Ti engine packages
BMW E36 Compact M3 engine package
BMW E46 M3 – SMG to manual with fully functional electronics (we do more than 1 per week)
BMW E30 M54B30 engine package
Nissan S13 with LS1 V8 engine package
Mazda RX8 LSx Engine package
Lamborghini Gallardo Supercharger

There are many more builds to mention and many more in the pipeline. Our builds can be viewed on youtube and our dedicated department website.

Contact us to see what our experienced team is all about.